The Dignity of Life

As Catholics, the foundation of our faith is the belief that each person is created in God’s image and that our most basic Godgiven right is the right to life. We know, therefore, that our God in heaven knows and loves each one of us and that what happens to us on this earth matters to Him. The Lord is especially close to the vulnerable and suffering. Contemplating our crucified Savior, we can regard no human life as useless or burdensome. Each person is precious in God’s eyes and called to eternal life and joy. This is the Catholic Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and our duty to foster and sustain human life. Because we are the guardians of this precious gift from God, we are duty bound to protect against any attacks on human life. Therefore, we must be guided by the Church’s teaching in our choices about medical care and treatment in times of serious illness and imminent death. Continue reading this teaching from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.