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Finding Reasons to Give Thanks: Our Elders Show Us How

by Sr Constance Veit, l.s.p. An unexpected headline in the New York Timesrecently caught my eye: “A Disrupted Thanksgiving Leaves the Turkey Business Guessing.” The article that followed discussed a question that is, according to the author, on the tip of everyone’s tongue — “Just how many whole turkeys will Americans cook this year for a holiday whose wings have been clipped by the pandemic?”...
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Letter from 107-year-old Irish woman about fighting COVID

(from Aleteia) To Anyone Who Needs a Reason to Keep Going: My name is Nancy Stewart and I was born on the 16th of October 1913. This weekend I turn 107 years of age. Imagine turning 107 in a world pandemic. This definitely is something very unusual even for me and all I have been through. I live in Clonard in County Meath and have lived in my home for over 83 years. I los...
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Pandemic strengthens our call to serve the elderly

Brian Fraga October 2, 2020 (Our Sunday Visitor) When the novel coronavirus was at its peak earlier this year in Delaware and Washington, D.C., Sister Constance Veit said she felt like a blindfolded soccer goalkeeper, trying to stop something she couldn’t see. “It was a very heart-wrenching period of time. There was a feeling that despite doing everything we were told to do, there was th...
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Accompanying the dying as Mary did at the foot of the cross

by Chaz Muth, CNS WASHINGTON — Michaela Gallagher was a 16-year-old volunteer at the Little Sisters of the Poor Jeanne Jugan Residence for the elderly poor in Somerville, Massachusetts, when she witnessed a human die for the first time in her young life. Gallagher was on duty at the assisted living center and ventured into a room where the women religious were keeping vigil with a 101-ye...
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Little Sisters reflect on ‘Samaritanus bonus’ and our care of the dying

by Chaz Muth, CNS WASHINGTON — Much attention was given to church teaching on assisted suicide and euthanasia when the Vatican released its Sept. 22 letter "'Samaritanus bonus,' on the Care of Persons in the Critical and Terminal Phases of Life," but Sr. Maureen Weiss focused on the document's guidance on accompanying the dying, a key component to her vocation. Sr. Maureen entered religi...
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It’s the month of the Rosary

October is the month of the Rosary and we need prayer more now than ever! The Vatican Pandemic Commission has just published a new booklet of Rosary meditations. It's really beautiful. Download the pdf here. Join in the Rosary this Wednesday at 3 p.m., feast of the Holy Rosary, with our bishops and the faithful all over the United States.  
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The ceremony of first profession at our novitiate in Queens Village, NY last Saturday was unique to say the least. Sisters of all ages, families and even a bishop all in face masks. A barely empty chapel (usually profession is standing room only), special lights, microphones and cameras to livestream the Mass for the families who could not travel to Queens .... No doubt the three Little Sisters wh...
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St. John Eudes, a missionary of mercy for our troubling times

Each Advent and Lent our communications team produces a video series related to the liturgical season. Back in January, before any of us realized we were about to be overtaken by a pandemic, we chose to focus on St. John Eudes, entitling our Lenten series, He Gives Us His Heart. One of the great spiritual figures of 17th century France, John Eudes was a prolific missionary and preacher who champio...
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Great Expectations and Silver Linings

Sr Constance Veit, l.s.p. May and June are usually full of celebrations, from Mother’s Day and first Communions to proms, graduations and weddings. These events are rich in meaning for individuals and families, representing personal accomplishments and obstacles overcome, the investment of effort and resources, intergenerational bonds and the hopes and aspirations of the young. Milestones li...
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