Admission to Our Homes

Admission to our homes is open to low-income elderly of at least 65 years of age, regardless of race, nationality or religion. Individuals, married couples and elderly priests are welcome to apply.

While each of our homes is unique in size and layout, all are comprised of several levels of care. These may include nursing home, intermediate care, residential or assisted living and/or independent living apartments (terminology varies according to states). Throughout the United States our nursing home beds are generally Medicaid and Medicare licensed.

When a home has an opening in its assisted living or nursing home areas, we first look at our current Residents to determine if anyone needs a higher level of care. When all of our Residents are appropriately placed, the available room is offered to senior(s) in the community. We recognize the great need for senior living and care. It is our goal to help as many individuals as possible and to assist those we cannot help with locating other resources in the community.

The admission process is home-specific. It usually begins informally with an phone call to discern if the prospective Resident would be an appropriate candidate for the home. After determining if the individual meets the age, financial, and medical criteria, we send an application requiring more detailed information. When the appropriate time comes, a tour of the home is scheduled. Some homes require a brief acquaintance visit to help discern further if we can meet the individual’s needs and expectations at the presumed level of care.

Some of our homes have socially-oriented senior day programs through which we offer low-income seniors in the local community the possibility of participating in our pastoral and activity programs, enjoying a hot meal, engaging in volunteer service or simply socializing with their contemporaries in a warm, friendly environment.

We encourage family involvement in the life of their loved one and in the activities and life of the home.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific home, or in beginning the application process for yourself or a loved one, please contact the admissions coordinator in the home where you intend to apply.

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