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2017 Advent Video Series

Week 5


Week 4

Additional Resources for Week 4:

    • Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers, click here>>
    • How to Deal with Family Conflict Caused by Alzheimer’s, click here>>
    • Family Celebrations: More Fun, Less Stuff Guide, New Dream, click here>>
    • Simplify the Holidays, New Dream, click here>>


Week 3

Additional Resources for Week 3:

    • The Gift Wrap and the Jewel, a beautiful poem written by a 92 year old woman, click here to read the poem. View the video here>>
    • Improving Communication with Aging Parents, an excellent video series and workbook, click here>>
    • Memory sharing activities for someone with Alzheimer’s, click here>>
    • The Great Thanksgiving Listen, a national movement that empowers young people—and people of all ages—to create an oral history of the contemporary United States by recording an interview with an elder using the free StoryCorps App, click here>>
    • Check out the Great Thanksgiving printable placemat (designed for Thanksgiving, but the questions are great for any season), click here>>

      Week 2

      Additional Resources for Week 2:

      • Prayer for Pope Francis’ Apostleship of Prayer Intention, that the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations. Click here for prayer card>>
      • A Cup of Christmas Tea, a touching poem about intergenerational relationships and the power to overcome obstacles, by Tom Hegg. (The book is available on Amazon.com). View the video>>
      • Gift Ideas for Seniors, click here>>
      • How to Say It to Seniors — Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders (notes from a book by David Solie, M.S., P.A.) Read the article here>>
      • More Fun Less Stuff Gift Catalog (from the Center for a New American Dream), click here>>


      Week 1

      Additional Resources for Week 1:

      • If you are a senior, learn how to prevent isolation and loneliness as you age, click here>>

      Learn more about loneliness in the elderly:

        • Our elders are lonely – do we care? (Catholic News Agency). Read the article here>> 
        • Growing old alone: More seniors at risk of becoming elder orphans (Chicago Tribune), Read the article here>>
        • Loneliness twice as unhealthy as obesity for older people, study finds (The Guardian).  Read the article here>>
        • Even advertisers have tackled the issue of loneliness in the elderly: German Christmas advertisement video, view the video>>

      Some good news!