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After a century, still bearing fruit

from our Little Sisters in Kansas City

Speaking of “still bearing fruit,” we would like to introduce you to one of our Residents, Frances. She moved into the Jeanne Jugan Center last year at 100 years old. She has since celebrated another birthday, and is a lovely addition to our family. She is very much an active participant in the life of our home – she goes to parties, joins in activities, chats, and tells great stories. She’s had a very interesting life!

Frances shares that she drove a car up until last year. She likes to stay active — she’s been a hard worker her whole life. Born in Alabama, she came to Kansas City in 1941 to help with the war effort and worked as a welder during World War II. After the war ended, she worked in a garment factory and had various other jobs throughout her life, along with raising two sons.

Asked how the world has changed since she was a child, she said “a lot!” There have been so many changes that it’s hard to pick just one thing. Imagine, in her lifetime she has lived through 4 wars (she was born only two years after World War I ended) and the Great Depression. She saw the invention of television, sliced bread, bubble gum, the internet, and saw the first man walk on the moon.

Her advice for young people is to work hard and stay well. That is good advice at any age, and seems to have worked well for her! We are lucky to have her with us. She is a joy!