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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Red Rose Close-Up

This inspiring news was recently shared in our Congregation’s general newsletter:

During those days of international fraternity lived by the youth in Poland at World Youth Day, France was once again struck by violence with the assassination of Father Jacques Hamel in St. Etienne-du-Rouvray, while he was celebrating Mass. That same day, a veiled Muslim woman came to the reception desk at our home in St. Denis, a suburb of Paris, and asked to see a Sister. She came from quite a distance, but had lived in St. Denis in the past, and thus knew that there were Sisters there.

Filled with emotion, she kissed the Little Sisters while offering her expression of sympathy. She was carrying a rose that she wanted to put in our “place of prayer.” A little note was attached to the rose, “All my sincere sympathy. We are heartbroken by this barbarity. Our religion represents peace. Our hearts are with you.”

After a few minutes of silent prayer together in the chapel, the lady left, leaving the Little Sisters very moved by such a sincere gesture.

We are also very touched by this symbolic gesture!