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Click here to view Raymond’s emotional reunion with the Little Sister he worked with as a teenager.

His letter:

My relationship with the Little Sisters of the Poor dates back to my early teenage years
when I had the wonderful opportunity to serve the Brooklyn aging community as a
kitchen support staff at the Holy Family Nursing Home. 

As I look back on my time working with the Little Sisters of the Poor, they made me feel
part of a family and an important contributor of their home. My training under the
guidance of Sister Colette taught me values I represent in my life today including the
importance of family, the value and acceptance of responsibility and identified my desire
early on to continue to help and serve others. 

I recall times when working with Willi dean, I was asked to cut butter squares and to set
up various food carts for the different dining rooms. I gained a sense of pride and
accomplishment knowing that these responsibilities were accomplished on time so meals
could be distributed by the Little Sisters of the Poor on a timely basis. 

My time working with the Little Sisters of the Poor paved the way to a rewarding and
successful 23 year career as a Food Service Manager for the New York City Board of
Education. Following my recovery as a Guillian-Barre-Syndrome (GBS) survivor back
in 1988, I continue today as a 65 year old retiree to share my positive experiences of my
time working with the Little Sisters of the Poor as a liaison of the GBS-CIDP
Foundation and as a peer mentor volunteer at the Staten Island University Hospital. 

I recognise the importance of comforting and helping others and smiling every time I
visit patients and care givers or meet someone new when I can recall even today Sister
Colette’s warming, infectious, memorable welcoming smile. 

Raymond Lopez