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Missionary disciples bear fruit, even in old age

from our Little Sisters in Louisville

“In view of their baptism,” says our Holy Father Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium, “all the members of the people of God have become missionary disciples” (cf. Mt. 28:19), and in Christus Vivit # 239 we are told, “Even those who are most frail…can be missionaries in their own way, for goodness can always be shared….” So it was that some of the Residents of St. Joseph’s Home in Louisville, Kentucky, gathered together to seek ways to become active missionary disciples, sharing goodness with those in need.

A Little Sister writes, “It is very touching to note that some of our Residents have experienced these same situations of need, and have expressed how happy they are to be able ‘to give back.’”

“Projects in the planning for the future include making uplifting meal tray cards for the local children’s hospice, writing to the soldiers from the National Guard who assisted us during the challenges of COVID, helping expectant mothers served by the archdiocesan Respect Life program, and participating in the Christmas “Box of Joy” program for children in Third World countries — plus whatever else the Holy Spirit and the needs of the human family might inspire.”

She concludes, “Let us be moved by the example of the missionary dynamism of Jesus’ first disciples, and by that of our own Residents who seek to spread the Gospel through good works — and may this inspiration move us to action. As Evangelii Gaudium so pointedly asks, ‘So what are we waiting for?’”