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A Million Rosaries


During Portugal’s 1974 Carnation Revolution Our Lady said to Sister Lucia,
“When a million families pray the rosary, the revolution will end.”

What if a million families joined hands NOW to pray the rosary for a cure to the coronavirus?

Please join us in praying the rosary everyday for an end to this pandemic!

Sign up below to join us and commit yourself and/or your family to imploring Our Lady
to intercede on behalf of all humanity at this moment of crisis.

We are counting the number of people/families, so it is only necessary to submit your name once. Please help us get to a million people/families praying the daily rosary soon!

How to Pray the Rosary, click here

(P.S. Due to the popularity of this Rosary campaign, an entry may take a few moments to show up. So please only submit your Rosary report once for each time. Your post will show up soon.)

If you have difficulty registering please send your name and location to serenitys@littlesistersofthepoor.org and we will add it for you.