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Coronavirus Poetry Project for our Residents and Staff


All Residents, staff, volunteers, etc. Are invited to participate in this project, which is aimed at raising spirits at this difficult time. We will be posting the Haikus submitted on our social media and might even create a book with them, if we get enough!


Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader’s mind. It is like a tiny window into a scene much larger than itself. 

Traditionally, haiku is written in three lines, with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line.  


High on a mountain  (5 syllables)
hippo watches snowflakes dance  (7 syllables)
winter has begun  (5 syllables)

Cherry blossoms peak (5 syllables)
yet lovely trees stand alone  (7 syllables)
tourists not allowed!  (5 syllables)

The following are typical of haiku:

  1. A focus on nature.
  2. A “season word” such as “snow” which tells the reader what time of year it is.
  3. There is often a surprising, contrasting or unexpected element.
  4. Use of descriptive words that help paint a picture of a natural scene.
  5. These are characteristics of traditional haiku, but you may write about other things as well, or even write humorous poems.