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Election of “New” Mother General


We Little Sisters of the Poor are happy to welcome our “new” Mother General. Yesterday, September 8, 2022, Mother María del Monte Auxiliadora was re-elected for a second six year term!

Of Spanish nationality, Mother María made her first religious profession in 1982 and made her perpetual vows in 1987. Since her election as Superior General in 2015, she has given herself without reserve and has guided the Congregation through multiple challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective of the Superior General is to promote the personal holiness of each Little Sister and the apostolic fruitfulness of the Congregation, in fidelity to our charism.

The General Chapter, which is generally held every 6 years, is a very important moment in the life of the Congregation, begins with the election of a Superior General and her Council. The sixty delegates, from each of the Congregation’s geographical provinces, have already been holding discussions at our motherhouse, La Tour St Joseph, since the second week of August.

The delegates will continue their work until October 15, studying the questions currently being posed for the Congregation, the situation of our communities in various countries and the challenges posed by our contemporary culture. May the Holy Spirit enlighten and renew all hearts for the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

On September 9, 2022 the Chapter delegates elected a new General Council, composed of six Little Sisters representing various cultures and language groups. They are:

  • Mother Joseph Christine, Scottish, re-elected, representing the English-speaking countries and serving as Vicar General.
  • Mother Patricia Yvonne du St. Esprit, from Chile, representing the Spanish speaking countries.
  • Mother Marie Helene du St. Esprit and Mother Sophie de St. Joseph, French, representing French speaking countries.
  • Mother Brigid Mary of Jesus, Nigerian, representing the continent of Africa.
  • Mother Marie Rose, Indian, representing the continent of Asia.

Please join us in praying for Mother General María, the incoming and outgoing members of the General Council and all those participating in the General Chapter.


Blessed be God!