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Little Sister speaks out about end of life on EWTN


EWTN News In Depth: Global Support Rising for Assisted Suicide, plus—the High Court’s Ruling to Protect California’s Right to Pray

Medical, legal, and policy experts weigh in on top stories, and Montse Alvarado speaks on the record with Archbishop Chaput about living the faith.

Here’s your weekly wrap of the Catholic news program that brings unique, in-depth interviews and analysis on issues of importance to the Catholic Church and its members across the globe each week.

Last month, Spain became the fourth country in Europe to legalize assisted suicide for those who meet certain criteria. This marks the first time that a nation with historically Catholic roots has enacted such a law. The legislation will take effect in June.

With Catholic health policy experts and advocates for the dignity of the aging, EWTN’s Montse Alvarado examines the shifting legal and cultural landscape surrounding end-of-life options in the United States and around the world on the April 16 episode of News in Depth.

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