The Little Sisters of the Poor just can’t catch a break. First, the HHS Mandate lawsuits (which they won, by the way). And this week, the Little Sisters of the Poor in Baltimore, who run a hospice called St. Martin’s Home, were robbed of Christmas gifts they had just purchased for their sick and elderly residents and for their staff Christmas party. The good news is that they got the gifts back undamaged – but they offer a warning for others.

A “Good Samaritan” Who Was Really a Thief?

Sister Lawrence Mary, a member of the community, talked with the Register about the events surrounding the theft. Sister Joseph Caroline and Sister Bernadette, she explained, were Christmas shopping at Costco in the Baltimore suburb of Columbia on Monday, November 26 – selecting presents for the elderly and impoverished hospice patients at St. Martin’s Home, as well as for their employees. The Sisters wheeled two shopping carts full of gifts toward their car and were just about to unload the baskets into their trunk, when a man approached them from the rear and asked if he could help. Sister Joseph Caroline later reported to local news station WBAL-TV, “A man approached from behind Sister and asked if he could help. So we just thought it was a good Samaritan, and he was there out of the willingness of his heart and the holiday spirit.” (continue reading)