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St. Paul’s Catholic Spirit announces our 150th anniversary


Thanks to the Catholic Spirit in St. Paul for publishing an article about our 150th anniversary…

Religious community marking 150 years in United States

Jan Storms, 56, was pleased with her mother’s care at the Little Sisters of the Poor’s Holy Family Residence in St. Paul, but she wasn’t expecting to find other personal blessings at the nursing home.

Through divine providence — or God’s ultimate control and care, something familiar to the Little Sisters — the St. Odilia parishioner met one of the sisters after a visit with her mother last year, and the two have forged a deep friendship.

Besides the joy she’s found in her spiritual friendship, Storms has seen other miracles at the home for the elderly, including residents returning to the faith, families reconciling and the sisters nurturing residents.

“It’s more than a nursing home,” Storms said. “It really is like the person’s home.” Continue reading here.