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Updates on our HHS Contraception Mandate Case


Trump gives relief to religious Obamacare objectors

Last Friday, the Trump administration revised rules implementing the Affordable Care Act in a way that expands protections for religious and moral objectors to the contraception mandate — achieving the common-sense balance that religious organizations have sought for the past six years. These revisions allow religious nonprofits — like the Little Sisters of the Poor — to avoid millions of dollars in fines because their employee health insurance plans exclude coverage for contraception, a practice contrary to Catholic doctrine on respecting human life.

Judging by some media hyperbole, however, you would think that the federal government had just abolished the ACA’s birth control mandate altogether. Headlines that claim the federal government’s move “reverses” or “scraps” or “ends” the mandate are all wrong.

 While the Dept. of Health and Human Services could have simply revoked the Obama-era mandate, it instead chose a moderate course: keep the mandate in place for most employers, but revise existing rules by expanding exemptions for religious and moral objectors. The practical result? The vast majority of women in America will continue to receive free birth control, and religious objectors will not be forced into providing services that violate their conscience. (Continue reading here)