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Discernment Body1As a young woman Saint Jeanne Jugan realized that God had a plan for her life, and yet for many years she had no idea where he was leading her. She confided to her mother, “God wants me for himself. He is keeping me for a work which is not yet founded.”

Years went by before Jeanne saw the unfolding of God’s plan, but when God revealed her mission she followed it with her whole heart. If she were here today, Jeanne would offer this advice to anyone discerning their vocation:

Pray often, asking God to reveal his will and to help you know yourself better.
• Find a church or chapel that has Eucharistic adoration and set aside time each week for silent adoration.
Live a sacramental life: attend daily Mass whenever possible and take advantage of the sacrament of Reconciliation.
• Set aside time to read Scripture and other good spiritual books such as the lives of the saints, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, classics of the spiritual life, etc.
• Find a spiritual director who has a good understanding of the consecrated life, or of a religious sister.
• Visit a religious community.
Commit yourself to some form of volunteer service to God’s people, especially the poor.
• Spend time with friends who are also serious about their faith, and who will support your desire to grow spiritually.

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